The original poem is underneath by Rabbi Burns.  This top one if from Wicker Man film.


Oh! I am come to the low countrie,

Och-on, och-on, och-rie!

Without a penny in my purse, To buy a meal to me.

And there I had three score o' yowes,

Och-on, och-on, och-rie!

Skipping on yon bonnie knowes, And casting woo' to me.

One time I had a hundred sheep 

upon, upon a dream

skipping o’er your narrow creek

and growing wool for me

For the French canadian Clog Dance, rough audio version and midi file, three times through each tune for practice (likely shorter for the dance).

Here's a rough mp3 of the aforesaid tuneage at learning speed. I think this is the right length for the dance.

Steve's song which we're going to include in our seasonal repertoire.  Thanks Steve!