A Wonderful Workshop With Nicola Beazley - Day 1

It's been a great afternoon with Nicola Beazley, learning, as a group of random folky folk, a tune to perform together as a group at Rushbearing in July.

We've been learning Fly And Dodger, not sure who it's by: will edit when I get the info'.  It's been a great atmosphere, and everybody got stuck in right from the start.  There's a great mix of instruments and abilities and everybody seemed at ease with each other, with no rock stars or minnows evident: it just felt like everybody was relaxed like old friends getting something together.  

We've got a recording of Nicola playing the tune on the fiddle, and the group recording after a couple of hours.  We're working on the arrangement and the dynamics tomorrow, and I'll post new version up tomorrow night: for everyone to see the difference.  However, the main reason for these recordings is for us to have a reference for practise. (I often forget the tune a few hours after I've done it blush)

All in all it's been a great afternoon of learning and making music.  What a great way to spend an afternoon.  I can't wait for tomorrow....