In a nutshell, we want to have more music and dance in Littleborough - to grow a new "home" side of dancers and musicians to support our annual Rushbearing Festival in Littleborough.

So anyone from the local(ish) area who wants to get involved, please get in touch - we'd be thrilled to hear from you - no experience is necessary.

In Scotland and Wales, traditional music and dance are taught at schools.  Obviously, this not only exposes children to the cultural heritage of those countries, it also ensures those cultures of music and dance thrive.  Dance at schools in England seems to be more focused on American dance styles, like hip hop, street, and cheerleading, and neglectful of the more traditional cultural dances from England and it's regions.  Counties, Towns and Villages used to have their own dances, many of which have been lost, but with a little commitment from your good selves, our culture and heritage could not only be protected for another generation, but grow and thrive in the future.

In an age where so much seems contrived and manufactured, it's refreshing to rediscover something as innocent and wholesome as traditional music and dance.  Folk music and dance are experiencing a real resurgence in popularity at the moment: with scores of folk festivals all year round, and a plethora of young upcoming bands, and packed to the rafters events with the time served acts and performers.  It really is an exciting time to get involved with an art form with its roots right under your feet..