Welcome To The Online World Of Oakenhoof.

Oakenhoof and the Black Nan Band are an all-age, open folk arts group.  We are based in Littleborough and exist to develop and share the joy of folk dance, music and song, stories and visual arts.

<--break->We started at the beginning of 2014 and have enjoyed a wonderful, life enhancing couple of years: learning, creating and making friends amongst the folk and arts community of the borough and beyond. 

We aim for our group to be steered by young people – because they usually have the best ideas!  But also because we want to prioritise a space for them to create, lead and develop so that our heritage can continue to grow. 

We have a large group of participants, some dance, some sing, some play… many do all of those things!  Anyone of any age or ability is welcome.  We also are proud to have lots of families learning together (and even the occasional dog) and it’s a great place for friendships to thrive too!  So if you’re local, you want to be involved and you agree with our principles, you’re welcome!