It was a great day out, at The Winter Gardens in Blackpool to support Wardle Academy Junior Band competing in the Junior Brass Entertainment Championships.  Their expectations of success weren't very high, because it's in the process of rebuilding (new students in and older ones moving on up), but they scooped the prize for best bass section, and, put on a great performance against incredibly high class competition.  They placed outside the top six, but can hold their heads high with the quality of the performance, and effort they put in.  Hats off the the staff, who's vocational commitment and passion to making these performances as top notch as they are.  It really pleases me that these teachers, after all this time in their professions, still have the passion and commitment to produce bands and performances of the calibre I witnessed yesterday.

Also, the relevance of this article here, is that there was a small section of Morris dancing, which the audience clearly loved.  It was a great rendition of The Floral Dance with beautifully executed Morris dancing thrown in by four of the band members.  There was also a bit of locomotion, tapping to 'Putting on the Ritz', and 'Bobbing Bass Playing Bobbies'.  I found Wardle's set incredibly entertaining, slick, and professional sounding.  Also, rumour has it, that the Floral Dance dance might be one of the ones worked on at Littleborough Clog And Morris group at The Con Club on Tuesday night.

In summary, well done Wardle, you really do have all the ingredients for an exceptional Performing Arts School, and come and do the Floral Dance in clogs on Tuesday night ;o)