1.  QUESTION:  What sort of dancing are they looking to do?  ANSWER:  Pretty much everything:  celidh, rapper, north west morris, hobby horses and maypoles feature in the script and probably some clog too. 

2.  QUESTION:  What do we do about the clash with the Christmas Lights on 3rd Dec?  ANSWER:  I've spoken with Mr Fitzpatrick and it's do-able.  What I'll do is ask LEAF if Oakenhoof can perform at the lights early... the performance at the Curtain Theatre doesn't start 'til 7.30 pm so we can get there in time for the last performance.

3.  QUESTION:  When do we get our parts / scripts?  ANSWER:  Once Mr Fitzpatrick knows who's interested in acting in the plays, there will be some sort of selection process.  Once he's decided who can do which roles you'll then be invited to rehearsals and you'll get info about scripts then.