Hello musicians.

It is a common grumble amongst them as play for dancers that they don't get to know what bloody tune we're playing until it's too late to prepare.  I know this well and when we're performing with Rossendale, I'm almost constantly shouting "What's next boss?"  Well, today, I've been very gently and politely reminded of this phenomenon.  So here is a first stab at doing something about it. 

Now, it's not an exact science, this, and it all depends on the way the wind is blowing, whether my head is up my whatsit, where the moon is, or whether another side has just danced the dance we're planning to do but notwithstanding... here is an attempt to provide you with some blinking clue as to what we're doing next.

We can't always dance North West or Rapper - so they're in separately as a "shove in at random" option (though a general guide is we'll start with The Littleborough because it's a great opener.

But what we can do is dance the clog dances in this order (with a fair wind and depending if all the relevant dancers are there).

So I've attached the dance order, with the tunes and a couple of dances in the pipeline with some notes to help you choose a tune.  And I hope this helps.  And I'll try and stick to it but feel free to kick me if we deviate too much.

This, of course, will change but if it works we can just alter and update regularly - so let me know if it's helpful or not please :)

Best wishes and thanks for your, seemingly, limitless patience.