"Manchester's ferocious folk foursome"

4Square play their music with zest, fire and virtuosity, yet an understated maturity which has grown throughout their seven year journey as a band.

The sight and sound of simultaneous fiddle and clog dancing will stir the senses and quicken the pulse, galvanised by an engine-room of driving piano and 


By contrast, the listener is then stirred and softened by 4Square's mellow, melancholic three part-harmony singing. 

An outright musical journey, all in an acoustic setting.

4Square have played at many festivals great and small, both in the UK, and all across Europe, in Denmark, Corfu, Norway, The Czech Republic and Sweden.

Their new album "Hearth & Home" is available for purchase on the SHOP page.

NICOLA LYONS: Fiddle, Vocals, Clog Dancing

JIM MOLYNEUX: Piano, Accordion, Vocals

JAMES MEADOWS: Tenor Guitar, Banjo

DAN DAY: Percussion, Vocals


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