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    Agree date for AGM

    Checks and balances for Oakenhoof spending

    Ideas for funding Oakenhoof

    Talk about what nights we do extra practice, i.e. Morris/Rapper/etc

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    Meet at the coach house at 6.15.
    We play the parades (I'm guessing this is similar to last year: one from the coach house and one from the school). Musicians towards the back of each parade. 

    When we get to the park, stop playing as soon as we're all joined together at the bandstand(to encourage focus on the skylight performance).

    When the performance has completed, assemble outside hare hill house and do a little something there.

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    Wodgeyboy an Georgia could do this if that's ok with other folks, and nothing has already been sorted..?

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    Rushbearing Date

    Rushbearing Extra Purpose


    Set a Date for the AGM


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    Just the sort of booking I've been hoping we'd get. It's a yes from me... and we'll have to get going on our seasonal alternative repertoire soon!

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    I can do all dates apart from:

    Thursday 24th November

    Thursday 1st December

    Saturday 3rd December


    Obviously, I can do violin, guitar or mandolin.


    Chris Wilkinson (Accordian / trumpet) said he is available for all dates apart from the 3rd December.


    Cheers cliff

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    Gary, the sound engineer at Edgehill, agrees it's probably a good idea to take some boards (piss boards will do).

    I've also had a lovely e mail from John Tams agreeing that we can use Raise your bannerS and wishing us continued success.

    re Jazz Funk Orchestra - is it the Shef or the Con??

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    Here's the letter to us from the organisers with a bit more info.  And I've attached the poster too so you can see what else will be on.  It looks like it's going to be a great event, this!

    Dear Participant,


    Thank you for offering to take part in our forum launch event that will take place in Catley Lane Head  village between 11am and 5pm on Sunday 14th August 2016.


    Our location is north of Rochdale town centre; I suggest you have a look on Google Maps using postcode OL12 6BN to see where we are.


    Set up is from 9:30am. When you arrive one of our volunteers will direct you to the event field. Once you have set up we’d appreciate it if you would park outside of the village, as we want to keep the roads in the village as clear as possible. One of our volunteers will be able to advise where to park.


    Please ring 07970715904 if you require further information.


    Many thanks for your help and support.


    Best regards

    Rooley Moor Neighbourhood Forum


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    Great blog that there is Robyn..... I loved the final perfomance: twas cool, exciting, folk and street....