The survey is now live.  Please complete it as soon as you can for yourself and your childer if you are willing / able to get involved in the Mystery Plays.  Here is the link:  Mystery Plays Survey

Some of you have met Mike Fitzpatrick, who has visited our Tuesday evenings a couple of times and he's talked about the Mystery Plays, which he's directing at the Curtain Theatre.  The performances will be over 2 weeks in early December (I'll confirm the dates).

Anyway, the Mystery Plays are full of dance and music and good northern folky fun - and so we didn't hesitate when he asked if Oakenhoof would like to be involved.  I've added the first of 10 You Tube videos showing the National Theatre production from the 80's... they're great and will give you a good idea of the sort of thing it is.  Exciting, eh?!

How it works may be a little complicated however.

Clearly, it's a massive commitment for people to be involved so I've agreed to start scoping out who might want to do what and when.

Robyn is helping out with the music and dance, along with some other musicians and a few of the group have already said they'd like to be invovled in some capacity, as a performer, dancer, musician, singer, helper, whatever... but w'e're guessing, for most of us, that, though we'd love to be invovled, 2 weeks of evening performances might be too tricky to manage.  And those of us with young people might be thinking it's going to be tricky fitting school work and other activities around all this.  But never fear:

What we're going to try and do is double or triple up on jobs and then we can learn together and share the load.

I'll come back to this space in a bit with a survey to pin down who wants to do what sort of thing and when they will be available.  So in the meantime, please can you have a think about:

1.  Would you like to be involved?

2.  As a dancer, singer, musician, performer, helper, transporter (any / all combinations welcome)?

3.  When will you be able to make rehearsals and performances and when will you definitely not be available?

If you know of others who aren't Oakenhoofers but who might want to be involved, feel free to pass this on.

And if you think of any questions, please ask straight away, as it will help me wrangle what sort of information people might need to help them decide what to offer.

Thanks, H