Another sing a long... this time it needs to be ready for the Lancashire evening on 28th November.  

This is a sing a long for sessions and parades.  I've only added the lyrics because I don't know the chords but Paul and Dave can tell you them...

Hi everyone,

Here is a new tune and some instructions from our TuneSmith, Tony the Piper.

This is for us to learn our first Morris Dancing adventure to, but more tunes will become available as soon as we've got this dance nailed....


We'll be starting to learn a Rapper dance on 2nd Sept, which gives us a couple of weeks to learn some tunes... 

For us to have a go at on Tuesday...

This is the tune for the new dance Georgia has been teaching the Oakenhoof Cloggers, written by Lin R.

The tune that is compulsory larnin' for any folkies in this area, recorded with young 'uns Georgia (12) on whistle, Oska (12) on drum and tambourin

The Full English version of Man in the Moon


When a bumper is filled, it is vexing, no doubt,

Here is the tune that Nicola Beazley has written for Le Tour De France.

This one is always a good crowd pleaser!  I wonder if we could have a go?  We really could do with a regular fiddler though couldn't we?

Seven drunken nights


1. As I went home on Monday night, as drunk as drunk could be,


I'm thinking this will be good for our new dance.  

Hi everyone,

Archie Fisher sang this song, his own ballad, The Witch of the West-Mer-Lands in 1976 on h

Right, so we've got the Sam Sherry's Hornpipe routine underway, we need to keep those dancers fed on new steps.  I am planning to change the format

Hiya folks!  As promised, I've had a go at working out the chords for Tony's Kesh Set.  Here it is.  Please excuse the doodles; I asked Robyn to wr