I went late one night
The moon and stars were shining bright
Storm come up and the trees come down

Here is a rough recording of Cock of the North, Clegg Lane and The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre, the set of jigs intended fro the Rapper dance, but th

I have taken the rash step of writing a jaunty theme song for the Black Nan Band. It isn't for dancing to, but dancers can join in singing it.

Two tunes used for the 'clog off' that Helen and Robin do, but also good session or performance tunes to learn.

This is the new Polka set that Tony has proposed we develop a dance to. 

I thought it might be nice to have a crack at this soon: what dya reckon?

Here are the lyrics and an example of the tune (with slightly different lyrics).  


Oh, as I was a-walking on a May morning

And sat down by an old lofty tree

Hop Hop Hop to the butcher's shop

I dare not stay no longer

For if I do me mother will say

In the Shade of the Old Harris Mill

It's enough to make anyone ill

The reelin' is rotten, and so is the cotton

Here is a recording of the three songs we learned today at our Saturday workshop.

1. Wassail and wassail all over the town

This is our new dance for November 2014... Bert Bowden:  A Bargee's dance...

This is a 3/2 horpipe that we had a go at on Saturday.  It feels like a wonky time signature, but me and Robyn find 3/2's addictive...

This is a song that was modified from the traditional orginal by Steeleye Spam...

Another sing a long for the Lancashire Night.  Needs to be done with confidence and gusto, this or it's just a boring wash.