I like watching Rapper, and find it fascinating.  The music is always slightly eastern.  I'm imagining it's got something to do with Barbary Pirates, so much else does.  I'm not offering an explanation, I'm asking for someone in the know to comment below about this

Rochdale Music Service are doing some excellent work with music of all genres, however obviously, I have quite a leaning to folk, and traditional, music.  It would be great if we could get a group like That's All Folk to be involved with Littleborough Rushbearing.  Not only as the big fantastic Folk group that they are, but also in smaller ensembles, like fiddle, whistle and clog, or melodeon and fiddle.  The level of talent in that young group could entertain for hours in small performance pockets....  I'm sure there are other folk and traditional performers that would love to be involved in such an event.  

The video is from the Visitors Centre at Hollingworth Lake, where they took part in an event of Folk, Clog and Literature, which was in aid of raising food, money and awareness for the much needed Food Bank serrvice.

I love listening to them wherever they are.......

Saturday, 15 February, 2014 - 10:00 to Sunday, 16 February, 2014 - 20:30

Lancashire Wallopers Weekend of Clog

This years weekend is on

 February 15th and 16th 2014

at Wellfield school, Yewlands Drive, Leyland, PR25 2TP. 

The Lancashire Wallopers host a popular annual weekend of expert clog dance instruction, with a wide range of workshops for all abilities from beginners to advanced. There is also a music workshop for all instruments, dance displays and a saturday night ceilidh. 


The weekend ticket includes Saturday and Sunday workshop tuition,


afternoon displays, breaktime refreshments and




Saturday evening ceilidh


with John Kirkpatrick


 A reasonably priced Saturday lunch and/or evening meal can also be booked.   

 For details contact Harry on 01254 774002. 

or, for enquiries, or if you would like to be added to the mailing list

email Ruth at



For Lancashire Wallopers Weekend 30th anniversary in 2014,

we are delighted to welcome

John Kirkpatrick

as our musicians workshop tutor. 

John will be playing for the Saturday night ceilidh.

There is a great opportunity for musicians in his workshop to join him on stage. 


Dance tutors for 2014

. Brenda Walker - Jig a twizzle (intermediate)

. Jean Smith and Ian Craigs -  John Surtees waltz routine (improvers, will also cater for beginners+)

. Jane Sheard - Welsh (improvers/Intermediate)

. Kathryn Tattersall - Pat Tracey, Heel and Toe Waltz (intermediate/advanced)

. Melanie Barber - Sam Sherry Polka (advanced)

. Jo and Simon Harmer - Southern Step dance (hard sole shoes)

. Lancashire Wallopers - Bill Gibbons, Bargees social dance (beginners)



If you would like to purchase a DVD featuring the displays & workshop showcase for 2013 or a previous Wallopers Weekend please click on the

CONTACT US button and send your message and contact details.

2013 DVDs cost £15 plus p&p

previous years DVDs £10 + p&p

Wellfield school
Yewlands Drive
PR25 2TP
United Kingdom

Wallopers Weekend

This years Wallopers Weekend is set for the 15-16th February.  It's a fantastic focal point in the calendar for clog dancers... hope everyone has a great time!  Last year, Wallop the Clog Dancing Horse failed to put in an appearance.  It was during the time of the horse meat scandal:  apparently he was too afraid to go out.  Maybe we'll see him this year?!

On 26th October 2013, over 100 people came together to perform a massed dance of Pat Tracey's Old Lancashire A Routine at the first Rochdale Literature and Ideas Festival..

Littleborough Rushbearing Could Be A Real Draw And Annual Event worth Note On Any Ones Calendar

Littleborough had a population of 13,807 in 2001, so it's got to be over 15, 000 by now I would have thought?  If we could get 1% to help make Rushbearing awesome, well, it would be awesome.  Littleborough has got so many positive aspects to making a great summer festival great, but the main missing ingredient (as with most modern communities) is a proportionate lack of community interest.  We've got a beautiful village, with beautiful views, architecture, and a nucleic shopping centre.  There is a real depth of heritage and history here, from the mysterious "Roman" road, prehistoric finds, significant industrial heritage, and the endeavours of the working man, from the Summit tunnel, to all the mills that once stood here, coal mines, canals, and railways.  All of these validate Littleborough as a cultural hotbed of civilisation through the ages.  Unfortunately, the modern age is one of un-community.  There can be much discussion about the causes of this, from home entertainment systems, to out of town American style shopping malls, supermarkets, and the price of a pint, but if we could all get involved and try and make people look forward to a time a year where everybody comes out and joins in with the festivities that this brilliant village could put on.

I've attached a video from the Hastings Green Man which is incredibly popular, I know Hastings has a bit of history (Fella with an arrow in his eye or something) and a population of about 100, 000, but it has grown from a small village type event into something of a national event.

It would be great if we could get more people involved at every level with Littleborough Rushbearing, and other community arts events.

So, please get involved CLICK HERE

The Demon Barbers are vibrant folk abmassadors and excellent performers, who brilliantly embrace performance art with theatre, music and dance.  I hope they get more exposure to inspire new folksters in the hood.

  • Dancing keeps you fit
  • Dancing makes you happy
  • So happy you could dance
  • Great way to socialise
  • Get to go to great events
  • Keeps traditions alive
  • Express yourself
Tuesday, 4 February, 2014 - 19:00 to 20:00

Our First Littleborough Clog

Our first Littleborough clog

20 Peel Street
OL15 8AQ
United Kingdom