Robyn and I went to see Spiers and Boden on their farewell tour at Hebden Bridge Trades Club last night.  They were fantastic - such a lovely venue, very intimate, though no room to dance, which was a shame.  Last time we saw them at the Met in Bury, during their Backyard tour, and there was this awesome chap who was very much "in touch" with his inner dance... nearly as good as S&B on the stage!  Anyway, here's a wee video of their encore and if anyone is inSpier-ed (get it?!), I think there are still some tickets for them this Thursday at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester.  See you at Cloggin' at the Con' tonight, folks! :)

Remember Littleborough Cloggin' Tonight - The Original Street Dance

Cloggin At The Con Club

It's cloggin' night again! Remember to tell your friends, your neighbours, the person next to you on the bus, the fella stood at the next urinal, your teacher, your probation officer, priest, rabbi, imam, general passers by, and shout it from the mountain. 

This is the original street dance, this is tap for the working man (woman).  This is English heritage right at your feet.  It's time to stick your chest out and say with pride, "this is our culture, it's part of our art.  I'm going to protect it, it's good for the heart. It's rousing music, makes you want more.  I'm going to enjoy it, wallop my feet on the floor".

Yesterday was St Patrick's Day, were you saw an annual global appreciation of Irish culture.  Let's stop the erosion (and ridicule) of English culture, by celebrating and encouraging traditional music and dance from this country, and more importantly it's regions.  We've got a lot of Imperial culture to be ashamed of, but we've got even more local culture to be very proud of, and willing to celebrate.  So, get in your noggin' that the future's "Cloggin'!"

Clicky The Picky

Tuesday, 18 March, 2014 - 19:00 to 20:00

Littleborough Clog Dancing For All Ages And Abilities At The Con Club

Sorry I've not posted for a bit, been incommunicado: I've been in better places.  As far as I'm aware, everything is back to normal this Tuesday: all clogs blazing ;0)

So. I look forward to seeing you all then.... laugh

20 Peel Street
OL15 8AQ
United Kingdom

  • Pokey LaFarge
  • Pokey LaFarge, born in 1983, is an American musician and songwriter focusing on the American roots genre. As of 2013, he tours with a 5-piece band including Joey Glynn, Adam Hoskins and Ryan Koenig TJ Muller and Chloe Feoranzo. Wikipedia


Tuesday, 11 March, 2014 - 19:00 to 20:00

Littleborough Clog Dancing For All Ages And Abilities Dynamic Week Special

Helen is away this Tuesday, as am I, but Tony The Piper is going to be squeezing out Harvest Home for you all to practice Sam Sherry's Hornpipe to.  Georgia and Molly are going to be at the front, and a laptop available to check the steps, and I reckon you're all that up for it, you'll have it nailed by the end of the session ;o)

If anyone is naughty we'll have to write their names on this site's scrawl wall wink

20 Peel Street
OL15 8AQ
United Kingdom

I was surfing the net, as they say, and came across this video on YouTube.  So, this is the Thieving Magpies sewing the seeds of Morris in Littleborough.  Well, I think the seeds might have already been sewn in previous Rushbearing events, but this hands on Morris approach definitely watered the garden, because two of those girls are keen cloggers, and folksters, with the new Littleborough clog dancing, morris, ensemble.  We really do need to sort an appropriate name soon.  I think by the end of the next cloggin' session, and in our first monthly Newsletter, we will unveil "The Name".....

Friday, 18 July, 2014 - 10:30 to Sunday, 20 July, 2014 - 22:30

Littleborough Rushbearing Festival 2014

What's on this weekend - Rushbearing!!!!

It's gonna be great fun, with music, merriment, dance, stalls and all round community fun......

Click the green schedule word for the schedule ≧◠◡◠≦✌


Harehill House
OL15 9HE
United Kingdom
Tuesday, 4 March, 2014 - 19:00 to 20:00

Littleborough Clog Dancing For All Ages And Abilities Clog Walloping Meetup Number 3

Our continuing clog dance meetup, learning Sam Sherry's Hornpipe at the moment.  It's open to all ages and abilities, and everybody who takes part quickly becomes convinced that cloggin' is great ;o)  Also, the inaugural Littleborough Folk Club meetup follows it.  So if you are a budding or established musician, percussionist, singer or arranger, come along.  

20 Peel Street
OL15 8AQ
United Kingdom
Tuesday, 25 February, 2014 - 19:00 to 20:00

Littleborough Clog Dancing For All Ages And Abilities

Yay, we're back! So come down to the Con Club on Peel St in Littleborough on Tuesday to learn the original street dance: Clog Dancing!!!

It's open to all ages and abilities, and at our last session, after a little initial trepidation, all attendees absolutely loved it and were keen as mustard to get back to it.

So, it's Littleborough Clog Dancing at The Con Club on Tuesday, so throw away your unfounded doubt and inhibitions, have fun and make loads of syncopated noise with your feet ;0)



20 Peel Street
OL15 8AQ
United Kingdom

The Radio 2 Folk Awards

This week, Robyn and I dragged the men of our family to the Radio 2 Folk Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London.  It was great to return to this spectacular venue, which we remember with equal measures of pleasure and nerves, as the last time we were there, Robyn was playing and dancing with the Dream Orchestra as part of the 2012 School's Prom.  

We were sat in "the Gods" - but I got us great seats - front row, almost in the middle - so we could look down and see everything.  I don't know if it was becasue we were in the cheap seats or whether it is a measure of things generally, but everyone around us sounded northern!  Chris settled in to talk about the relative merits of various supermarket chains with the nice chap next to him, so he was happy, which left me and Robyn to start trying to pick out the stars from the bunch of people filling the seats at the tables below us.  Our particular goal was to spot Seth Lakeman.  Robyn was, as ever, doing this to humour me.  I was interested because Seth Lakeman has uncommonly fit arms and always obliges by wearing a nice shirt with the sleeves rolled up.  I regularly perform my own personal tribute to Seth Lakeman's arms by singing along to his recording of The Blacksmith in the car, though I've changed the lyrics to reflect the depth of my feeling.  We spotted him, I drooled and the evening was all set up.

What a night!  It was stunning... one specatcular performance followed by another.  It was like being inside your ipod on the best shuffle ever.  Best highlights (for me at least) were:

  • Bellowhead performing Roll the Woodpile Down.  Robyn and I are off to see Spiers and Boden in a couple of weeks, so this whetted our appetite no end,
  • The morris dancing element of the tribute to Cecil Sharp... we're so used to dancing in clogs, it was great to see such lithe leaping and hanky wafting,
  • The Full English performing Arthur O'Bradley.  Not least because I got to see Seth Lakeman's arms, but the vocal performances were beautifully precise
  • Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer perfoming Willie of Winsbury was mesmerising and:
  • The Fisherman's Friends' Shanty Medley; an emotional first performance since the tragic death of their tour manager, Paul McCullen and singer, Trevor Grills was amazing.  the sound in that hall of those beautifully blended male voices was like a physical presence - properly blew the roof off, they did.  
  • Finally, the late Pete Seeger's sister Peggy joined a large group of vocalists to perform Quite Early Morning.  She made it clear that she expected that we would all join in and we did.  A beautiful tribute and we all felt the priviledge of honouring this folk hero.  

The full recording of the night is available on the red button for a week or so and Radio 2 has uploaded more videos to youtube if you fancy a watch.  Definitely worth going to in future.