Time for a very brief update with key information:

Getting there:  If you're coming on the train, we're catching the 10.03 from Littleborough.  Please meet us at 9.45 at the latest, as there's lots of us and we can save by gegging in on each other's railcards.  

What to bring:  Please minimise your STUFF.  There's nowhere to keep / stash stuff while we parade and it'll look awful if we're all carrying big bags.  We will have the trolley, but that will be full of instrument cases.  So use your pockets if you can and if not, try and find a bag that fits with your look and keep it small.  Bring a bottle of water and some butties if you can.

What to wear:  Your crochet bit should stand out as much as possible - so everything else needs to fade into the background - black, preferably or deep colours.  

Weather:  Sunshine and light rain.  If you can possibly manage to just get wet and not wear a mac, please do so.  You can bring a brolly but please don't use it during the parade; even if you're not dancing at that time, you might block the view of the maypole and dancers.  Might be worth bringing an extra layer that won't take up too much room.  

Children:  come with an adult.  If you're not with an adult, we need to designate an adult (1-1).  Under 12s stay with their adult at all times.  Over 12s, stay in view and always tell an adult if you're going anywhere.  

Guests:  Feel free to bring family and friends along.  However, this is a high profile event and it's really important that we have a professional parade.  That means that guests won't be able to walk with us directly, but will need to stay in the public areas.  The route won't be fenced off so it should be easy to walk behind the crowds.  Please don't walk at the front or side of our group as you'll block the view.  

Parade:  We need to be at the "Walking entry holding area" at the Roman Fort, Castlefield between 11 and 12.  Train travellers should arrive there around 11.30 and I'll register us.  Then we will stay in the holding area until the briefings and the parade will start at 1.  After the parade, we'll maybe have a drink in Manchester then return to Littleborough for post parade drinks at the Con.  



English Country Garden

Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl

Hop Hop Hop

Change tunes when you get bored!



Hels :)