Oakenyouth Roles:

Oakenyouth Squire:  Robyn.  Robyn is the leader of the youth members of Oakenhoof.  She will make sure everyone has a say and will speak up for the young'uns so that we get things how they want them.

Oakenyouth Foreman:  Georgia.  Georgia will help the youth (and other) members of Oakenhoof to change ideas into "things".  She will make sure the youth members of the side are all learning at their own speed and getting what they need out of the group.  

Oakenyouth Ragbag.  Chloe.  Chloe will be the "designer" of Oakenhoof.  She will represent the young people in how they want to look too.

Oakenyouth Fool.  Nicole.  Nicole will help to make sure that Oakenhoof give the best performances they can and that we're all having fun.  

Oakenyouth Molly.  Anya.  Anya will help to make sure that the young members of Oakenhoof are happy and enjoying being in our group.  Basically, that just means noticing when things are going well or picking up on any problems, chatting with Robyn the youth squire and then coming to talk to an adult about how we get more or less of that thing.  

Oakenyouth Tunemeister:  Sam Warpig.  Sam will help to shape the musical aspect of Oakenhoof, which may mean collaborations or mash ups; watch out for Ska or Metal clog dancing!!


Acornhoof Roles:

Acornhoof Squire:  Megan.  Megan is the leader of the under 11's in Oakenhoof.  She will make sure that all the childer have a say and will speak up for them so that we get things how they want them.  She'll also help with the North West Morris leadership, I think!

Acornhoof Foreman:  Billy Jo.  Billy Jo will help the childer (and other) members of Oakenhoof to have good ideas about dancing and make them happen.  She will also help the Adult Foreman to make sure all the childer are learning well in our group.

Acornhoof Ragman:  Holly.  Holly is in charge of how the childer look, what they wear and what they need.

Acornhoof Molly:  Freya.  Freya is in charge of making sure the childer are having fun and enjoying what they do with Oakenhoof.


Welcome to all the youth and acorn members of Oakenhoof.  We're really pleased you accepted your roles and we look forward to helping you to do your jobs.  If you have any questions or ideas, the first person to speak to is your adult equivalent.

Squire:  Wodge

Foreman:  Helen

Ragman:  Chris

Bagman:  Terry

Fool:  Robyn

Molly:  Dave

Tunemeister:  Tony