Inspired by a great impromptu musical huddle between Tom, myself, Steve and Karl last night when we got this song going (while Tom should have been at home doing the ironing), here is a recording of the beautiful song Down by the Salley Gardens -  a lovely one to perform for sessions and perhaps spots. This version is in D Major (words and chords below). It today's recording of me doing everything for now (while I should also have been doing other things), but hope to get Tom on the main vocal and some nice squeeze boxes and all on the case, with vocal harmonies. I only knew the Herbert Hughes 1909 setting of the WB Yeats poem of 1889, but Tom had the 3rd and 4th verses from a lady he knew at a Chorley session who came on her own and sang it solo every week - her only song apparently; and very poignant when you see the words. The last two verses are the poem "When I was One-and-Twenty" by the poet AE Houseman, 1896. The words at the end are slightly wrong on the recording - the song sheet is correct.

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Give it a go, Geoff