Saturday, 1 July, 2017 - 11:00 to 16:00

Darnhill Festival

Hi everyone,

This is a festival in need and we're going to support it.  

Please, if you are available, can you prioritise this date and try to help take the edge off the blow of the festival's lost income?

I'm going down there at 9 to take the boards.  A couple of volunteers to help me load them into the car and get them set up at the other end would be appreciated.

It would also be really good if someone with a boot could offer to pick up the 'Osses and bring them to Darnhill for 11.30.

The rest of us:  We're meeting at Argyle parade at 11.30.  At 12, we're in a processionm, which is 45 mins long.  Musicians and morris dancers needed for this and Carrie is in charge.

Then we'll be performing on the festival site at Argyle parade carpark.  We will probably have fairly long sets so be prepared for EVERYTHING!

Some joiny inny dances will follow.

Times to be confirmed (the schedule is a bit "fluid" which I've said is perfectly understandable, under the circumstances, and we'll support / fill wherever needed.

Then help packing up and a volunteer or two to take the 'osses back and also meet me at HHH to get the boards stashed back in the room would be great.

Thank you everyone!

OL10 3RY
United Kingdom