I like watching Rapper, and find it fascinating.  The music is always slightly eastern.  I'm imagining it's got something to do with Barbary Pirates, so much else does.  I'm not offering an explanation, I'm asking for someone in the know to comment below about this

Rochdale Music Service are doing some excellent work with music of all genres, however obviously, I have quite a leaning to folk, and traditional, music.  It would be great if we could get a group like That's All Folk to be involved with Littleborough Rushbearing.

On 26th October 2013, over 100 people came together to perform a massed dance of Pat Tracey's Old Lancashire A Routine at the first Rochdale Literature and Ideas Festival..

The Demon Barbers are vibrant folk abmassadors and excellent performers, who brilliantly embrace performance art with theatre, music and dance.  I hope they get more exposure to inspire new folksters in the hood.

  • Dancing keeps you fit
  • Dancing makes you happy
  • So happy you could dance
  • Great way to socialise
  • Get to go to great events
  • Keeps traditions alive
  • Express yourself