Robyn and I went to see Spiers and Boden on their farewell tour at Hebden Bridge Trades Club last night.  They were fantastic - such a lovely venue, very intimate, though no room to dance, which was a shame.  Last time we saw them at the Met in Bury, during their Backyard tour, and there was this awesome chap who was very much "in touch" with his inner dance...

I was surfing the net, as they say, and came across this video on YouTube.  So, this is the Thieving Magpies sewing the seeds of Morris in Littleborough.  Well, I think the seeds might have already been sewn in previous Rushbearing events, but this hands on Morris approach definitely watered the garden, because two of those girls are keen cloggers, and folksters, with the new Littleborough clog dancing, morris, ensemble.  We really do need to sort an appropriate name soon.

You often hear of Morris dancing talked about with tongue in cheek, sardonic tones, on television, and in general conversation.  However, it's still here, and going strong.  Me personally, I'm not a Morris man, but I am a fanboy of this gentle celebration of the seasons: through the medium if dance.  That jingle of the Morris, a warm sunny day, and a nice pint, or five, outside a good pub, is the one of the most idyllic images of English summer life.  

Sam Sweeney plays "The Sportsman's Hornpipe" on violin, while Hannah performs this dance. Hannah explained its history can be traced to Bert Bowden, she summarised it as "a really cheeky little routine, with a daft bit at the end".