Well that was another great night at The Met, Bury. We went watching 4Square and David Gibb & Elly Lucas, and have been looking forward to it for ages. It exceeded all expectations!

We were lucky enough to be privy to a short notice performance by local fiddle player, Nicola Beazley, and Somerset lad Alex Cumming, on vocals and accordion, at The Pack Horse Inn, Old Birtle.  It amazes me that so much music can resonate from only two people.  It's clear that these two are not only professional and highly skilled at their craft, but have done a lot of rehearsal, performance, and study together.

It was a very apt venue, a rustic country pub, with real fires and real ale.  So, for me anyway, there seemed to be a real synergy between the music and the venue.  Also, because it was a short notice performance, and on Monday night, it wasn't overly busy.  Which made it feel even more cosy and personal.  They performed numerous sets, of which I can't remember many titles, mainly because I was just so chilled absorbing the music, but also because the morning after there's a bit of a merge of tunes in my head.

Aside from their excellent musicianship, Alex is quite an entertaining compare too: getting numerous laughs from the audience, without being daft or puerile.  More importantly, his skills on the accordion were mesmerising, and confidence in delivering a song, validated.  Nicola's craft on the fiddle is equally mesmerising, with a real soulful range of tones, timbres, and tempos.  They played a few of her own compositions, which were well crafted and performed flawlessly.  Nicola also did a hauntingly beautiful Gaelic solo piece which silenced the pub, until the applause of course.  

All in all, I feel quite privileged to have known about it, and blessed to have attended.  I hope a wider local audience is blessed with their performance again soon...

I love the Britannia Coconut Dancers - and we've been going to their Easter Saturday parade every year for a few years now, in all weathers.  Nothing better than catching the bus to Bacup and getting off at the Travellers rest around 9am, following the dancers down into Bacup, where there are pies and beer a-plenty.

The dancers and the band are brilliant and their tune is the best earworm you can get; you'll be humming it all over the Easter Weekend, with a perky nod of the head and a jolly smile on your face.


"I've heard you're doing a bit of clog dancing?" I get asked by friends with a pitiful brow and worried look in the eye.  "Yes" I reply, and begin to explain the importance of our cultural heritage and how we can not only support it by joining in, but that it's good fun too, great music, etc, etc..

Last night, we danced with Rossendale Clog Heritage at the Lancashire Evening at Shawforth Chapel.  A great time was had by all, as you can see from this great fun performance by Rossendale Mummers.  

I'm pleased to let you know that this fine bunch of performers have agreed to take part in Littleborough's Rushbearing Festival this July - so you can see this (and other) great pieces in our village!