It was lovely to be asked to perform at St Clement's Church Christmas Show last night, and I'm pretty sure we did a goodun.  The audience where full of smiles, joining in with the singing, and also pockets of enthusiastic dancing.  If we can get folk singing and dancing, well, that's like the pinnacle of everything we stand for.

As soon as I saw clog dancing I knew I had to try it out.  A few years ago at Littleborough rushbearing I saw a group doing clogging. I was fascinated by it!  I was destined to try clogging for myself.

A few years later two amazing people called Helen and Robyn made my dream come true and set up a clogging group for all ages and abilities. I have been doing it ever since.

The other day I was at the Wake of my mates Mam (Bless ya Linda, you were one of the great characters of life, and the World's a duller place without you). Anyway, it's a reasonably sad fact that as we get older we see our old friends less and less, and more sad is the fact that it tends to be at occasions such as funerals... It's always good to catch up with the old posse though, and we all have the boisterous banter like we always have. Now, I could tell my mates anything, and get a bit of a ribbin', but when I told them about “clog dancing” and “morris”, I was a freak!


So pleased I had the wisdom to have booked today off.....4 days of Rushbearing bliss....dressing the cart, singing and dancing in fields, fresh onion soup n sexy jackets (oh and the odd ale); a fun filled celeidh night with wonderful friends on a hot night, thank you Nicola and Alex for great music (oh and the odd ale); a storm to add extra atmosphere and then a rather wet time in the park after dressing the cart, but enjoyed the singing and dancing and admiring such talented and fun musicians and dancers and enjoyed taking part; an evening of merriment with wo