I must admit, being marginally long in to tooth, the magic of the festive season has been wearing a bit thin with me for the past few years.  You know all the same old moans: nothing on telly; busy pubs with little or no entertainment; the expense of buying loads of consumerist tat that nobody really wants, and very rarely needs.  That sentiment that you share with The Grinch grows stronger year after year.  Seeing witless morons fighting over a the likes of toaster or a telly on "Black Friday" makes me lose my faith in humanity.

It all started last Christmas, the day after Boxing day to be precise.  We went as a family to the Visitors Centre at Hollingworth Lake to watch Folk music, dancing and poetry.  Thought it would be good as something different and be good as my eldest Georgia had joined the school folk band playing the Tin whistle that she had taken up and was very good at it.

Anyone can have a go at anything we do, and this example of a mixed age, height, ability, but unfortunately not gender (come on fellas), side of prospective rapper dancers exemplifies that to a T....  Well done rappers!!!! 

We're making good progress as The Equal Height Five.  We just need to practise, practise and practise some more.  It's really good fun, and releases loads of fun endorphins in the process.  I suppose when we get more competent we wont look as much like kids on a thrilling funfair ride