I've just been through our calendar from last year (Our First Public Performance) and by the end of this month we will have done 45 gigs in 12 months... That's nearly 4 a month ;)  Well done Oakenhoofers and Black Nannas....  That's some going! 

June Solstice in Manchester, England, United Kingdom is on

some of you know that I've applied for us to have a place in the gay pride parade in Manchester this year. 29th August: save the date.
We've had some thoughts about it and I thought it might be good to get some of them out so you can add to them.
The pole. Peter and Nick have had some contact with Buckley Hall. What we're thinking is that they might be able to make us a portable pole, not too high, and that we have a pole carrier in the middle with the dancers around the edge in a circle.

Rapper and Morris have made Saturdays such an awesome day....   Also my phone did one of those auto movie things, and I likey likey!!!

I had one of me "moments" the Tuesday before last. I needed to find a new noun to accurately reflect what happens.  Anyway, this one wasn't quite the same as those that had come before.  It came from the collective.