It's been a lovely Summer Solstice this year.  Especially being able to see the Sun.  And even more so for going up to Warland Farm and celebrating another Solstice with our friends and Oakenhoofers, Monica and David.  We had a feast fit for the occasion, using the Jacob's Join approach.  Which is always the best kind of buffet.  And we sang, played music and danced, and celebrated the going down of the sun on the longest day.  I didn't see any trouble between the Oak and Holly Kings, but I'm sure the fight went down.

I've just been through our calendar from last year (Our First Public Performance) and by the end of this month we will have done 45 gigs in 12 months... That's nearly 4 a month ;)  Well done Oakenhoofers and Black Nannas....  That's some going! 

June Solstice in Manchester, England, United Kingdom is on

Rapper and Morris have made Saturdays such an awesome day....   Also my phone did one of those auto movie things, and I likey likey!!!

I must admit, being marginally long in to tooth, the magic of the festive season has been wearing a bit thin with me for the past few years.  You know all the same old moans: nothing on telly; busy pubs with little or no entertainment; the expense of buying loads of consumerist tat that nobody really wants, and very rarely needs.  That sentiment that you share with The Grinch grows stronger year after year.  Seeing witless morons fighting over a the likes of toaster or a telly on "Black Friday" makes me lose my faith in humanity.