It’s been an exciting time for us… as it has been for the world outside our lovely Littleborough bubble.  I have had a bit of an exciting time at work too, and some time in London, which meant some time to myself… which, naturally led to some time to take stock and reflect.


We love our banner.  It was a project, which was kindly funded by Rochdale Council Pennines Townships and commissioned by Geoff Read.  I asked Geoff to tell us more about it:

some of you know that I've applied for us to have a place in the gay pride parade in Manchester this year. 29th August: save the date.
We've had some thoughts about it and I thought it might be good to get some of them out so you can add to them.
The pole. Peter and Nick have had some contact with Buckley Hall. What we're thinking is that they might be able to make us a portable pole, not too high, and that we have a pole carrier in the middle with the dancers around the edge in a circle.

I had one of me "moments" the Tuesday before last. I needed to find a new noun to accurately reflect what happens.  Anyway, this one wasn't quite the same as those that had come before.  It came from the collective.  

I love the Britannia Coconut Dancers - and we've been going to their Easter Saturday parade every year for a few years now, in all weathers.  Nothing better than catching the bus to Bacup and getting off at the Travellers rest around 9am, following the dancers down into Bacup, where there are pies and beer a-plenty.

The dancers and the band are brilliant and their tune is the best earworm you can get; you'll be humming it all over the Easter Weekend, with a perky nod of the head and a jolly smile on your face.