When I was first told about the opportunity to take part in a performance by Folk Dance Remixed, I have to say I was more than a little worried. Having never done any form of modern dance (aside from the harrowing sessions that were compulsory in GCSE PE) the prospect of, not only having to learn how to do all these things (kickball change? Is that a sweet?) but then having to perform it in front of an audience of Proper Dancers™ was more than a little nerve-wracking.

It's been a lovely Summer Solstice this year.  Especially being able to see the Sun.  And even more so for going up to Warland Farm and celebrating another Solstice with our friends and Oakenhoofers, Monica and David.  We had a feast fit for the occasion, using the Jacob's Join approach.  Which is always the best kind of buffet.  And we sang, played music and danced, and celebrated the going down of the sun on the longest day.  I didn't see any trouble between the Oak and Holly Kings, but I'm sure the fight went down.

It’s been an exciting time for us… as it has been for the world outside our lovely Littleborough bubble.  I have had a bit of an exciting time at work too, and some time in London, which meant some time to myself… which, naturally led to some time to take stock and reflect.


We love our banner.  It was a project, which was kindly funded by Rochdale Council Pennines Townships and commissioned by Geoff Read.  I asked Geoff to tell us more about it:

Chloe and I went to visit the rush cart today. It needs a bit of TLC that won't be a problem, but the big question is what to do about the paintwork. It needs scraping and sanding and a full red repainted, but should we restore it as it is currently with graphics of its Halifax origin, or redo it with a more Littleborough theme. Views would be most welcome